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Nationwide inexperienced court docket asks Punjab Chief Wildlife Warden to analyze mysterious parrot deaths in Faridkot

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The Nationwide Inexperienced Tribunal (NGT) has directed the Punjab Chief Wildlife Warden to analyze and take motion into the unusual case of a whole lot of parrots dying round jamun and different fruit bushes of Faridkot city in Punjab within the months of June and July — a phenomenon that has been persistent for the final 5 years.

Noting that “it is difficult to give a clear finding as to why the deaths of parrots were taking place” from the fabric filed within the court docket, the NGT bench has stated that the “reason for the deaths of such large numbers of birds needs to be looked into.”

Chatting with The Indian Specific, HC Arora, senior advocate Punjab and Haryana Excessive Courtroom and a social activist who filed the plea within the NGT after not less than 400 birds had been discovered useless close to jamun bushes within the premises of the DC workplace (mini-secretariat) Faridkot and different elements of the city in June this yr, stated that as per particulars of the useless birds compiled by Shankar Sharma and different birdwatchers of Faridkot, such uncommon deaths have been taking place since 2017, in June-July through the jamun ripening season.

“Since 2017, hundreds of parrots, pigeons, sparrows are dying near jamun and other fruit trees. This clearly indicates that deaths are happening because some chemical/insecticides are being sprayed on these trees. Nearly a thousand fruit trees in Faridkot (mostly in government offices premises) are owned by the state authorities and they are given out to contractors every year who sell the fruits. To earn extra profits and to get high yields, these contractors are spraying chemicals on the trees leading to the death of the birds. Otherwise, how can birds die only under jamun/fruit trees and that too in the same months every year?” questioned Arora.

Arora in his plea has submitted that the native administration buries the matter yearly by terming the deaths a results of ‘severe storm’. “But birdwatchers and environmentalists think that the birds have died on account of some chemicals sprayed on jamun trees,” the pela says.

As per the main points of birds dying in Faridkot since 2017, compiled by the birdwatchers and submitted by Arora within the NGT, a lot of parrots and pigeons had been discovered useless in Faridkot on June 26, 2017, within the court docket premises and Civil Hospital highway. “However, the administration immediately swept those places and took away dead birds to some unknown location.”

“Then on July 4, 2018, a large number of parrots were found dead at a local rest house, near the river in Krishna Farms, Brijendra College, and the men employed by the contractor said that they had been spraying the fruit trees in the last 24 hours. On June 20, 2019, again hundreds of parrots and pigeons were found dead outside the Civil Hospital and behind Mini secretariat as well as near the telephone exchange and the rest house. On June 28, 2020, hundreds of baglas (herons) and parrots were found dead near the rest house on the premises of Brijendra College and on Railway road. On July 18, 2020, similarly, hundreds of pigeons were found dead on the premises of the Civil Hospital. “The officers then claimed that those birds died on account of a sandstorm. However, a closer examination of the birds revealed that they had died on account of inhaling some chemical.”

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On June 11, 2021, once more a whole lot of parrots had been discovered useless on the premises of DC workplace Faridkot and different locations within the city. “Again the administration attributed to the deaths to a sudden and severe sandstorm, whereas environmentalists and bird lovers again alleged that the birds had died on the account of some chemical sprayed on the jamun trees,” says the plea in NGT.

“We had pleaded before the NGT to pass directions to the administration to not permit contractors to spray trees for their profits and save lives of innocent birds dying in Faridkot,” says Arora.

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